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Little Rock Allergy & Asthma Clinic We are committed to providing our patients with the very best in asthma and allergy diagnosis and treatment in a pleasant and caring environment since 1981.

Little Rock Allergy & Asthma Clinic strives to help Arkansas breathe easier.

LRAAC participates in research for new treatment for allergies and asthma. If you would like to participate in a clinical trial at LRAAC, call Mindy @ (501) 224-1156.

Little Rock Allergy & Asthma Clinic, P.A.

Members of the specialty of allergy/immunology are physicians who are specifically trained to diagnose and treat patients who have asthma, allergic and immunologic diseases. An allergist-immunologist is a physician who has successfully completed an accredited educational program in allergy and immunology. A board-certified allergist holds a certification from the American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI).

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: As you most likely know, the information and recommendations regarding cornaviruis (COVID-19) have been changing daily, and at times, almost hourly. We appreciate the patience our patients have shown as we continue to adapt to new recommendations. We are implementing a few new procedures in all of our clinics:
1. We are not set up to test for coronavirus at this time. UAMS and ACH have drive through testing, telephone assistance (UAMS at 1-800-632-4502, ACH at 1-800-743-3616), and online information on screening ( you feel this is needed.
2. Each patient and employee entering our clinic is being screened for current fever (temp over 100) and/or history of having fever or direct exposure to patient with fever in the previous 14 days. We are asking these patients not to enter the clinic and to reschedule their appointment.
3. We are now able to offer an office visit BY TELEPHONE with a physician, and a new law allows us to treat it just as if you were in our clinic. While this law has been passed, some insurance plans have NOT IMPLEMENTED at this time. Any testing that may be needed can be scheduled for a later time.
4. Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, we are ONLY SEEING NEW PATIENTS in our clinics to try and decrease potential exposure to coronavirus while waiting. Any return patients are encouraged to sign up for a TELEPHONE visit if possible, which we will treat as if you were physically in the clinic. We will re-evalute this plan the first of May.
5. We are continuing to give allergy injections so that our patients can continue their current therapy. We are asking patients to wait in their cars 30 minutes after allergy shot. You can walk back into the clinic if you are having shot issues or call the number that our shot room staff provide to you while in the office for your allergy shot.
6. Since we are trying to limit close contact, please limit the number of family members you bring with you to an appointment or for an allergy shot. We request it is only the patient and one other family member, asking all others to wait outside the clinic in your vehicle if at all possible.

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